Carpet First-Aid Kit

Stain Removal Equipment

  • Detergent Diluted solution of mild hand-dishwashing detergent without oily skin-conditioners.
  • Ammonia Undiluted household ammonia (containing detergent)
  • Vinegar Undiluted white vinegar
  • Solvent Drycleaning solvent (Spot Remover)
  • Enzyme Presoak i.e.: Axion or Biz
  • Dry Powder i.e.: Capture, Blue Luster or Host
  • Blotting Material White cloth, paper towels

Keep these materials readily available as your carpet “First-Aid Kit.” A medicine dropper or a plastic squeeze bottle of the type used for dispensing mustard, ketchup or some brands of hair coloring are convenient means of application. If you store your solutions in these bottles, be sure to label them. Please keep them out of the reach of children!

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